Looking for someone who is buying used mobile homes in your specific area can be hard. When selling a mobile home, you want to be particular with the buyer to make sure everything is handled professionally. Whether it is a singlewide or doublewide, used mobile homes can be burdensome and can cause a mess when removing it from a property. Here are a few groups of people who would be looking to buy used mobile homes.


Investors are typically a main buyer for used mobile homes. These homes make a unique investment for investors that are looking to set up rentals. If they own a park, they can typically move these homes into their parks and renovate them. Once the homes are renovated, they will get a tenant to rent the home out. This is great for investors because used mobile homes are typically pretty affordable. With the affordability of these homes, they can offer very good rent prices to their tenants and still make money while doing so!

Mobile Home Movers

Licensed mobile home movers are typically in the market to buy used mobile homes. When a mover already has the trucks to move the home, it can make the process easier for them. Many times, movers will have a piece of land where they are able to move the homes to. This makes it easy for them to renovate the home on their property and list it for resale. Being a mover, they typically have a good network of buyers looking for used mobile homes.

Owner Occupants

Many times, people that are actually looking for a home to live in will decide buying a used mobile home is the best fit. They need affordable housing but don’t want to rent an apartment. If they can find a piece of property with utilities in place, moving a used mobile home onto the land can be the best option. Selling a used mobile home to an owner occupant can be great because typically they are willing to pay more than investors and movers.

Companies Like Ours

We Buy SC Mobile Homes can be the best option out of all of these. Our team is positioned to be the best of both worlds. We have a system that allows us to make high end offers and making the process of removing the home easy. If you have a used mobile home that you are looking to sell, give us a call! We work all around South Carolina and can make the process easy for you!

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