Understanding the types of buyers who are in your particular market is important when you’re looking to sell your mobile home. You want to ensure that the buyer is professional with experience in your area that can offer a seamless selling experience for you. No matter what type of mobile home you need to sell, single or doublewide, on a rented lot or land, the process can be daunting, especially for a first-time seller. In this article, we’ll explain the types of buyers in the market to buy mobile homes.


Investors make up the largest type of buyers. Investors oftentimes own a park and will move purchased homes into their parks. They will then renovate them and rent them to tenants. Investors look for mobile homes as an affordable investment due to the relative low cost and affordability of renovating. This leads to appealing rent prices that allow the investor to make money on the homes they purchase.

Mobile Home Movers

Licensed mobile home movers also often look to purchase mobile homes. Since movers already have the equipment, it makes the process much easier for them. Their business also provides a good network of buyers to them as a part of their daily work. Much like an investor, movers will oftentimes own a piece of land where they can move the home and renovate them to either rent or list for resale.

Owner Occupants

Individuals looking for affordable housing also by used mobile homes, especially those with land or the opportunity to buy land with utilities already in place. Due to the rising prices in rent, people are increasingly looking for mobile homes as a low-cost housing option. Sellers may also find that owner occupants are willing to pay more than investors or movers which make this a great option for sellers.

Companies Like Ours

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