Does Selling a Mobile Home near Columbia SC require an agent?

Although preparing to sell your home can be difficult, selling your property itself can be stressful. In our previous post, we’ve talked about how to take stunning photos to attract online prospects, how to make your home seem fantastic for sale, and why you need to react swiftly.

Many mobile homeowners are still left wondering, “Can I sell my mobile home in Columbia, South Carolina without the help of a real estate agent or broker?” In the simplest terms, you can sell your home without the help of a realtor directly, but since you lack the necessary skills, you may forfeit some advantages if you opt to go it alone.

We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of selling your property without an agent to better evaluate the good and bad of working with one.


• No Commission Fee: In general, agents charge a commission fee of approximately 6%, which translates to a commission of nearly $15,000 for a home listed for $250,000.

You Know Best: Who is more familiar with your house than you? While a realtor could be selling multiple homes at once, you are only selling one, and you are the expert on it. In contrast to a realtor, you will be able to highlight features and facilities and speak openly with potential buyers about the neighborhood and surrounding area.

You Have Control: You have control over the selling price, the timing of appointments, and how you bargain with potential purchasers. When a realtor becomes your agent, they typically assume control of these matters, so if you don’t feel comfortable with that sometimes it’s best to handle it yourself.


What’s it Worth? : If you decide to sell your mobile home on your own, you run the danger of getting much less than you should. According to data, houses without an agent sell for 15% less than those that do.

• Lower Visibility: Although there are many fantastic places to advertise your home for free nowadays, Multiple Listing Services are still the best and quickest option. Realtors have access to one of the most powerful web tools, plus they have more expertise in promoting homes.

Time: Researching the home-selling process, comprehending the current marketing and advertising strategies, and interacting with possible buyers all take a lot of time. Your mobile home will sell considerably more quickly if you work with a realtor who is already aware of this.

• Paperwork: You are responsible for preparing the legal forms; therefore, if you don’t know how to do it, you run the danger of incurring legal and financial liabilities. Additionally, you shouldn’t rely on the buyer’s realtor to complete this information since they must secure the best available terms for their client.

Does Selling a Mobile Home near Columbia SC require an agent?

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