How Many Times Can I Move A Mobile Home?

If you are looking to move a mobile home more than once, here are some things to consider.

Every time a mobile home is moved, it can add to the structural stress on the home. While mobile homes are meant to be moved, there is a limit on how many times it can be moved before it starts to deteriorate. Typically, a mobile home can be moved around 2-3 times before it starts to see structural issues. If you are thinking of moving a mobile home, here are some ways to prevent structural damage while its moved!

Take out all furniture/heavy items prior to moving it!

Making sure that your mobile home is empty before moving it is a great way to prevent damage. Typical house furniture can weigh up to several thousand pounds. Once the home is on tires and is moving down the road, the furniture may start moving around inside. Having heavy items in the home can make the bumps in the road intensified. The best option is to rent a U-haul or storage pod and move the furniture separately.

Hire an experienced moving company!

Who you use to move the home is the most important because different movers will take different levels of precautions. Some moving companies will do the bare minimum to prepare your mobile home for the move. They may not go inside the home and support any areas that need it and just begin the process. If you hire an experienced mover, they will be sure to go inside and brace any areas of the home that may need it. This is especially important for homes that may have structural damage or need work to the framing. If you know your mobile home needs these repairs be sure to let the mover know first.

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