How To Get In Touch With a Good Mover?

When moving a mobile home you want to have a GREAT, licensed mobile home mover. When a manufactured home hits the road, there is a big risk that the home may get damaged. This can be small damages like laminate flooring or vinyl siding or it can be major damages such as cracks in the subfloor or ceilings.

Things to consider when hiring a mobile home mover…

1. What is the quality of the mobile home mover?

Making sure that you have a high quality mover is very important. The quality of the mover is more important because this will ensure that you don’t move a home and destroy it. Other things like price and timeline are important, but when moving a mobile home the quality of mover is MOST important.

2. What is the price to move my mobile home?

Making sure that your mover is comparable to the pricing of other movers is important. Finding a happy medium of good pricing and good quality is the key. The cheaper the move, typically the quality will go down. On the contrary, moves that are way too expensive can become a rip off as well.

3. What is the timeline to move my mobile home?

Making sure the mobile home mover can move your home on a reasonable timeline is something to consider. Some mobile home movers can be on a 2-3 booking schedule where they are booked out. Depending on your situation, this timeline may not be acceptable. Having a mover that has a flexible timeline will be very important as well.

How to make the right decision when choosing a manufactured home mover?

We like to make sure we interview at least 3-5 mobile home movers before locking one in. Many times the quotes, timelines, and quality will differ and you can usually tell within one or two conversations if the mover is a good fit. If you feel like they aren’t, trust your gut!

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