Why Selling A Mobile Home Is The Best Option

Need It Removed From Property

Many times, mobile home owners will sell their home because they need it removed from the property. Manufactured Homes are a great form of housing because it allows you to move a home on and off of your property relatively easily. If the home has become a burden and you are ready to have it removed, give us a call! We buy and move homes off of landowners properties all the time! You will want to be sure a licensed mover does the job so that your property is left in great condition.

It Needs Major Repairs

Major repairs can become burdensome and cost a lot of money. Many homeowners think they need to make repairs to their home before they sell their home. We will give you cash in hand AND take on the repairs so you don’t have to! Roof leaks, subfloor leaks, water damage, or exterior damage are all major repairs that can get very expensive. If you have been considering repairing your mobile home to sell it, give us a call! We may be able to buy your home all cash instead!

You Need Cash Fast

If you are in the need of some quick cash, selling an old manufactured home off your property may be the way to do it! Mobile homes are bought and sold through the DMV and are registered with a title. Since all you need is the title transferred in South Carolina to sell a mobile home, the process is very easy and fast. We buy homes all of the time in less than 24 hours and put cash in the sellers hand for their manufactured home. Many situations lead to needing cash fast and if you have a mobile home to sell, reach out and see if we can help!

Ready To Move Out

Sometimes we get to the stage in life where we are ready for a change. If you are ready to move to a different area or state and have a mobile home for sale, fill out the form on our website! We help mobile home owners sell there home for cash to us so they can hit the road! We can put thousands of dollars in your pocket within 24 hours to make your moving plans happen now! If you need to sell a manufactured home before you can leave town, give us a call today and see how we can help!

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